Tips para usar el nuevo sticker de cuenta regresiva en Instagram con tu marca

Instagram listens to its users and allows you to respond to Stories with GIFs

International.- Instagram Stories has become one of the main attractions for the social network acquired by Facebook and there are 500 million Instagram accounts that use Stories every day, so it is estimated that, by way of advertising, this format of content may generate more than 2 billion dollars, according to data offered by Nomura.

That is why the platform has now wanted to innovate and listen to its users, who ask for a new form of response to these Stories. Specifically, what they wanted was to respond with GIFs and it seemed that the emojis were not enough response for Instagram users.

The novelty has been announced on Twitter

A few hours ago, from the official Twitter account of the social network, the launch of the response with GIFs on Instagram Stories has been announced. To do this, he launched the message “Now you can respond to your friends' stories using @GIPHY GIFs. Update your application to test it. ”

Of course, to enjoy this option you will have to update your Instagram application in the iOS App Store or in the Android Play Store and, then, the GIFs will appear next to all the available emoji battery and the search function GIFs within that platform that is GIPHY and you can find them through keywords or select the first one you like, even if it has nothing to do with it.

GIPHY offer an extensive catalog of GIFS

More and more GIFs are used and the meaning of the one that is used says a lot and, above all, it is a fun way to send an answer to someone. So when a user receives a response to their Stories, they don't see raining emojis all over the screen, but also sequences that define very quickly what our reaction is and that transmit more than words.

In addition, you should not worry about the amount of GIFs that you will have available on Instagram since GIPHY is the website that is most applied in updating your day-to-day catalog of memes and also allows users to participate by uploading their own creations. So, from now on, any mood will have a place in the responses to the Stories of the people you follow on Instagram.

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