Information about the next Huawei P30

Information about the next Huawei P30

We know that when it comes to leaks we have to go very carefully and calmly take any information that pops up on our faces on the internet. Despite this, I personally believe that when there is information that is very insistent, the probability of it being official increases, even if it is a little more.

This is the last thing that makes me think of a post on Twitter of Evan Blass in which he affirms the following information regarding one of the next terminals of the Chinese company, the huawei p30.

The Huawei P30 promises to be another power in image, according to someone who has seen one: triple rear camera, with a maximum resolution of 40 MP and 5x zoom without loss, 24 MP front camera. And this is not even the Pro variant.

Before we had already talked about the number of cameras based on filtered cases and s, we talked about 3 cameras for the P30 and 4 for the P30 Pro. The insistence of this data suggests more than anything that we will surely face a terminal that stands out too much in terms of quality of photography and video is concerned.

P30 Pro case with Olixar case

I hope that in the next few days we will have more information and that better than this it would be official, since this will only further increase the expectations we have for the Huawei terminals lately. What do you think? Leave your response in the comments section, we are reading.

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