Improve the notification area of ​​your Android with this great application

Improve the notifications area of ​​your Android with this great application

Android notifications were always one of its most coveted values ​​by the competition, also by its users. Configurable, extended, with the possibility of reply from the notification itself, different ways to choose the way in which the warning jumps … There is no doubt, it is one of the options that provide more value to Android. And the best part is that we can give it a different look with apps, like Leaf Smart Notify.

The application that we propose is in beta, you know what that means. It is accessible from the Google Play Store, in the apps section with Beta Access, so you don't need to sign up for any development process to download it. It works great and will give you the absolute control of your notifications with a very important function: list of notices with a history of 7 days, 15, 30 or infinity.

Control your notifications with Leaf Smart Notify, a configurable and intelligent application

Improve the notification area of ​​your Android with this great application

The application we are talking about can completely replace the notification area of your mobile or function as a kind of history so that all the ads on your mobile are accessible in the form of Timeline; having the option to filter only the important, hence the «Smart»Of his name. Anyway, it is you who decides: you can get the notifications to look and act as you wish.

As soon as you start, you must assign the permission to access notifications, something obvious given the nature of the app. From here you can keep only Leaf As Timeline of notifications, use the one you have by default on Android or use both, the choice is yours.

Accessing the settings of Leaf Smart Notify you will have all the notifications listed in chronological order being able to manage the style of the list, what apps you want to receive the notices, you will have the option of choosing the maximum time to keep the history and also select the periods of «Do not disturb» so that so notifications stop skipping when they shouldn't.

Leaf Smart Notify is a simple application that not only puts the "notis" in order, it also offers access to your history and you can consult the most important ones at a glance. It is true that at the moment it is in beta, but its operation is as expected. And without having ads or in-app purchases, at least for now.