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How to give Alexa several commands at once

If you own a device that has the Alexa assistant, you should know that it now includes a new feature called tracking mode. This mode allows you to ask several questions or requests followed by Alexa, without having to use the word Alexa at the beginning of each of them.

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How Alexa tracking mode works

When this new mode is activated, Alexa will continue listening for up to five seconds after your original request, in case you want to ask him something else.

To enable the tracking mode, you will have to find the way to the application, select the device in question and choose the option that allows you to enable the option.

So if you want Alexa to turn on the lights and boil the kettle first thing in the morning, a simple "Hey Alexa, turn on the lights" start the process. Wait for the answer "Ok", and then simply say "boil the kettle".

It is a small and pleasant change in the quality of life that allows you not to have to say "Hey Alexa" about 6 times in a row if you want to give multiple instructions.

And if you wish, you can end this interaction with a cut thanks to stop Alexa from hearing another request (until you say his name again, obviously).

However, this new Alexa tool may awaken the fears of those who think Alexa listens secretly.

At the same time, this same function takes a step forward towards a more conversational style of interaction with our assistant Alexa. Surely, in a very short time we can hear him remind you that you have to clean the house or that your shirt is not well ironed.

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