How to get out of the blockage that causes the faulty Twitter update

How to get out of the blockage that causes the faulty Twitter update

An undetermined number of Twitter users on Android-equipped devices have suffered the application crash. The fault has not been the trolls, a virus or a wave of complaints for breach of community rules.

The error was attributed to the last update of the program, specifically to version 8.28, which ended up freezing the app every time it was run. Given the large number of users who have their devices configured to update applications automatically, the problem may be more, TechRadar reported.

On Tuesday, Twitter acknowledged the inconvenience and, through its support account, assumed that we are investigating a problem with the latest version of our Android application that causes it to crash immediately once it opens.

If you use Twitter for Android, we suggest you do not update it until we let you know that it is solved. Sorry for the inconvenience!

During the course of Wednesday, specifically 20 hours later, judging by the data of a second publication in the same social network, the company informed that everything was exceeded.

The Android application has already been fixed. The last version (8.28.2) should no longer be blocked at the opening: it is good that you go and update when it is available. Thank you for your patience, comment on Twitter Support.

If, on the other hand, you are still experiencing difficulties, Android Police suggested deleting the Twitter storage and cache in the Applications Settings section. Then, you must download the previous version of the application (version 8.24.1) from APK Mirror.

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