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How to change the iPhone code from six digits to four

It was from the iOS 9 operating system when Apple made the unlock codes on iPhone and iPad were six digits instead of four digits. For many users, the password of four is much more practical than that of six.

You can configure the settings so that the access code on your iPhone or iPad is only four digits. Then we explain how.

Why does my iPhone have a six-digit access code?

Apple decided with the launch of iOS 9 to default to a six-digit code with the sole intention of increasing security parameters.

Obviously, a number of six digits is much harder to guess than one of four, but it is also much more cumbersome, since it will take longer to enter the six digits to access your phone.

In addition, we have heard from several users that when they were forced to choose a six-digit password they only added twice the last number of the figure. This means that the security in this case remains the same as with a number of four digits.

How to set a four-digit code on iPhone or iPad

You will have to go to the application of Settings, slide down and tap on Touch ID and code. You will have to enter your current six-digit password to access this section.

Touch on the option of change code, appear in blue. You will have to re-enter the code and then you will be asked to enter the new code. However, before entering the new code, you will have to tap on code options.

Select now the option of 4-digit numeric code, and see how for the new password you are only asked for four numbers instead of four.

Enter your new four-digit password, verify it and voila, you will have had a four-digit password instead of six on your iPhone or iPad.

It is worth mentioning that when you find the different password configuration options, you will have more options. For example, you could choose an alphanumeric code (which may contain letters, numbers and symbols instead of just numbers).

How to prevent your access code from changing to six digits

When we had to update (quite a while ago), we realized that if we had a password (four digits) activated before installing iOS 9 it meant that we would still have it once the installation was finished.

That is, it was only changed to six digits if the password was deactivated before the update.

However, it is probably simpler, attentive or attentive to the access code options and remember to change back to four digits each time you change your access code.