How I influence WhatsApp during Brexit

WhatsApp It is one of the most used messenger applications today. Communication is a very important work in all areas and WhatsApp is undoubtedly a really efficient way to take the organization of even an important process such as the Brexit.

The Brexit is the process by which the United Kingdom left the European Union to be one of the few countries to be independent of the European continent. Although this process was put to the vote and the British people wanted the independence of the European Union, there is still a multitude of procedures to be carried out before Brexit becomes official.

To make such an important referendum, a lot of coordination is necessary, especially if we belong to the political party that has promoted the proposal. According to the light, the political leaders were the administrators of the WhatsApp group, since in this way they had full control within the organization.

The communication of the different political positions usually done through traditional vas such as email or phone. When a judge began investigating in September what methods they had used to communicate, did they use WhatsApp, which seemed a somewhat unusual method even today in some companies or in this case, public charges.

Most public charges use WhatsApp due to the security they obtain using said messaging service, although there are alternatives such as Telegram since both have point-to-point encryption that makes it a more secure option.

The controversy has happened because of this, since this security is designed to hold secure private conversations via WhatsApp, but no one had done this type of political communications before using WhatsApp.

The UN prohibits WhatsApp for its lack of security

What do you think about WhatsApp being used in the political arena? Do you think the Brexit referendum is an example of organization?