Five things in which Apple won the decade (and three in which I lost it)

Five things in which Apple won the decade (and three in which I lost it)

Apple represents one of the greatest competitions in the decade that ends, in categories such as smartphones, wearables and tablets Next, we tell you five ways in which Apple triumphed in this decade, and three in which it lost it.

Strategies in which you win


In July 2008, when the App Store was introduced, there were 500 applications on the platform; In September 2010, the number of mobile developments here was 250 thousand. Now, thanks to Apple, cell phones, tablets and smart watches cannot be understood without apps.

iPhone held by a user's hand

The Californian company revolutionized this segment, generated a new economy for the creators and changed the way of consuming content. In the last decade, the App Store has created a safe place where users of all ages get the best apps; and a vibrant economy, supported by apps, where developers of all sizes, and from anywhere in the world, can thrive. Today, users of 155 countries visit it more frequently, stay longer, download and use more apps than ever, those of Cupertino reported on the tenth anniversary of the platform.


As it did with the iPod and iPhone, Apple set the tone in 2010 when it first introduced its iPad to the world. At that time, Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, said the tablet should be better than the smartphone and the laptop in web browsing, email, sharing and viewing photos and videos, listening to music, video games and electronic books.

iPad with fingerprint sensor

Those of Cupertino were putting, again, a standard in the industry, and yes, little by little they were arriving competitors that launched the tablet that intends to kill the product of the brand of the apple. The truth is that since it came to date, the iPad has not been surpassed in sales; quarter after quarter, most of the cake is taken, as the numbers show.


Before manufacturers launched with everything, with smartphones With multiple lens optics, superfast charging and performance envied by any laptop, the iPhone was, by far, the phone to beat, and it really hit when it first saw the light, in 2007, so much so that the magazine Time He named it the invention of the year.

Close-up of an iPhone

Already on the tenth anniversary of the cell phone, in 2017, Apple launched the iPhone X, a mobile that still had the luxury of making the notch and to impose Face ID as the most advanced facial unlocking technology.

The company, s, has received various criticisms for the price of its cell phones, as well as for the capacity of the batteries and RAM included in them; but the truth is that Apple "defined" the smartphone modern, made it easy to use and unified it to a technological ecosystem in which they cohabit from computers to wearables To date, it seems difficult for someone to beat the iPhone.


Mainly with the Apple Watch and AirPod, Apple again showed the world how to create solid products, well connected with the rest of its products. The first generation of its smart watch, launched just in 2014, was criticized for its high cost and battery problems, but it already sets a high level to reach in its segment.

The tricks for the Apple Watch

With respect to its wireless headphones, and once the controversy was passed that the company removed the 3.5mm headphone port on their cell phones, the current head of the firm, Tim Cook, said they had already transformed into a phenomenon cultural. In this sense, it is not uncommon to turn and see a person with their AirPods, or headphones with a similar design, as if they were an accessory of their clothing, more than a gadget.

By the way, both Apple Watch and AirPods dominate the categories of smart watches and Bluetooth headphones, respectively. In addition, in 2019, Apple introduced a completely renewed version of the first generation of its wireless headphones, the AirPods Pro.


Apple is the teacher in advertising and marketing; He knows how to put the iPhone as the best cell phone in the minds of consumers. At the launch of these phones, the phrase that has been repeated over and over again is: This is the best iPhone we have created. And so it seems that users and their rivals believe it every September.

The noise you make in each product presentation, from smartphones until laptops, it spreads to the extent that it impacts the advertising message of the competition, since it measures its proposals against those of the Californian. One of the most popular recent cases was the one that starred Huawei: in the presentation of the Mate 20 Pro (2018), the reversible charge of this was emphasized when showing how an iPhone X could be charged directly on the cell phone of the Chinese brand . In the end, this can be seen as an attack, but also as free advertising for Cupertino's.

Strategies in which I lost

High prices

It has been said time and again: Apple products are expensive. Even when he tried to lower the price of his iPhone, with the iPhone SE in 2016, it turned out that it was not as attractive as his more expensive siblings.

iPhone X used by a user in a cafeYura Fresh photo for Unsplash

In addition, when Apple introduced its iPhone X, it was said that it was opening the door to cell phones of more than $ 1,000 dollars, which has been proven over and over again. What is clear is that the firm has not been able to achieve a balance between cost and benefit, as only manufacturers such as Xiaomi and Huawei have achieved.