Fantastic EYE: Harley Quinn makes his official arrival at Fortnite

Fantastic EYE: Harley Quinn makes his official arrival at Fortnite

This Friday, February 7, was confirmed what was an open secret, as Epic Games informed that Margot Robbie and his character Harley Quinn will arrive at Fortnite.

Possibly taking advantage of the box office that the actress is generating with her new movie Birds of Prey, is that the popular franchise decided to take the character to the video game.

With the message "Trtame as a game and show you how to play …" Harley Quinn welcomes the Fortnite fans.

On its official site, Epic Games gives more details.

“The item store features the Harley Quinn lot, which contains Harley Quinn's suit, Harley's Bat and the Coup de grace peaks. If yours is the fuss, Harley arrives with new challenges that transform her from Harley Little Monster <3 to Harley Always Fabulous. ”

To unlock the character of Margot Robbie there will be three challenges in the game: Finish in the top 30 alone, two or squadrons, and then in the top 20 and top 10; Hit weak points and inflict damage with the beak.

Harley quinn

Epic Games also remembers that the character of Harley Quinn being in the store of objects until February 17.

Meanwhile, Margot Robbie talked about her role as the Joker's girlfriend in Suicide Squad.

I spend a lot of the movie on roller skates, and they actually had the big scene in a moving carousel, and then I'm behind a car. And since it's really hard to do all that on wheels, so it was really very challenging.

Robbie also referred to a possible second movie of Birds of Prey.

I don't know I will certainly be interested in pursuing this, and I am still interested. I don't know what the study position is about what they want to do, but it's a relationship where I'd love to see Harley, for sure. But I think that like the cmics, many of these films can exist on their own. And we know that, everything is still Gotham, and they are still the same characters, but under a different view of the director, commented Robbie.

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