Download the new version of the Dialer from Android P

Download the new version of the Dialer from Android P

Google is increasingly giving the user more possibilities to interact with their applications and is that now, the new version of the phone application for the Android P update, is almost at the end of its beta versions so that company lets you try this version.

It is nothing more and nothing less than the most known as dialer which come with new update in terms of interface and features, this new application allows to end once and for all with those calls known as spam.

This feature send any suspicious call directly to the voice mailbox without even disturbing the user, without a doubt this feature is very important which has been introduced in the new version as well as a new interface in which it is applied in the bottom bar .

To be able to test this application you should go to the link that we will leave below and register with your Google account (totally safe), although it is worth mentioning that as it is still a beta version, it may have some error so it is recommended Do not have it as a personal or default application.

Link here

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