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complete guide to configure them in Xiaomi

Notifications in MIUI 11: complete guide to configure them in Xiaomi

All about notifications in MUI 11

Mobile notifications with notch

Here what you have to look at is whether your MIUI phone has a notch or not, that is, the notch you see at the top of the screen. If you have notch, as you could see, the notifications do not appear correctly and we have to install a third-party application. In this special here we tell you everything you need for notifications to appear on a Xiaomi phone with notch.

Notification icons in application bar

If it is not your case and notifications appear correctly on your terminal but you still do not see them, do not worry that we teach you how to activate them. Because the management of Notifications has changed in MIUI 11. At first it may seem a bit messy but as soon as you catch the trick on the matter, you see that the management of the notifications in this version of MIUI has improved. And a lot.

Enter the phone settings and we will go to the section ‘Notifications’. Press inside.

The first thing we are going to see are three screen graphics in which, in a very simple way, we will choose how we want app notifications to appear in the top bar.

miui notifications 11 02

On this same screen, at the top of the screen, we have a practical application finder. We already know that many of you usually download dozens of applications and then, to configure your notifications, it can be a mess. Thanks to this search engine we can search for a specific notification to adjust notifications to the heart.

In short, with this section we will choose, one by one, notifications of applications as we want them: whether or not they appear on the lock screen, whether or not the icon appears, its design according to MIUI or Android, etc.

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