Apple wants to fully enter eSports with a Mac gamer

Apple wants to fully enter eSports with a Mac gamer

The industry associated with eSports is growing nonstop and games like League of Legends, Fortnite and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive have created professional leagues in their ecosystem, in addition to national and world tournaments, millionaire awards, generous sponsorships and even specially created houses for the training of gamers.

This phenomenon even gave it the name of sport officially by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), which has even considered incorporating it as a discipline in upcoming Olympic Games.

That is why Apple will be exploring the commercialization of a Mac gamer quite seriously in 2020, and that according to the rumors it will be presented at the next conference of developers of the Cupertino, WWDC 2020.

The new features of this computer for video players that will be preparing a special team will be:

  • A highly modular computer, which will allow buyers to customize it according to their needs.
  • A desktop Mac can follow the same architecture as the new Mac Pro, which can make it more attractive for players who want to update their computers over time.
  • It will be priced over $ 5,000 dollars.

Anyway, the connoisseurs point out that Apple will have a disadvantage when entering the world of eSports: the catalog in macOS of this type of games is quite limited.

The company led by Tim Cook has shown great interest in the gaming industry through the launch of Apple Arcade in 2019, which offers subscribers access to a library of titles for $ 5 per month, but most of the Popular electronic sports games are not optimized to run on Mac computers.

Beyond these limitations, Apple never throws itself into a pool that cannot be filled with fresh money and, at least, the world of eSports has proven its worth in gold.

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