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Apple presents two new and funny videos showing the iPhone 11 Slofies

While half of Spain freezes under the snow, Apple surprises us again with the release of two short video clips on the virtues of the front camera of its star models, the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Pro. The videos, barely 15 seconds long, show some recordings in the snow and show what these devices are capable of doing.

Apple managed to get a new concept out of its sleeve, that of slofie, a new term that is a mixture between slow Y selfie, and that has many followers among those who like to enjoy the recording of this type of images. The slofies They have arrived to stay, and every time we can make more spectacular recordings.

iPhone 11

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So are the videos that Apple presents the slofies

Denominated Blackflip_and _Whiteout, the videos demonstrate the possibilities of the front cameras of this devices, and in which 2 snowboarders Professionals do some stunts in the snow. The results are spectacular and with an image quality beyond doubt.

Both the iPhone and the iPhone 11 Pro are capable of recording in 4K video, providing a great user experience. The quality of the videos has made these devices are favorites when making recordings and thus be able to save the best memories. There is even some film director who has dared to make a short film with an iPhone 11 Pro ..

Presented and released in September, the iPhone 11 and its Pro version they have been a necessary evolution, very well accepted by users and critics. The iPhone 11 has a double camera, and the Pro model manages to take photographs in Ultra Wide Angle with a new lens, and with which it manages to cover up to 140 degrees.

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