All the news that comes with iOS 13.1 beta

All the news that comes to your iPhone with iOS 13.3.1

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Apple yesterday launched a new update for iOS and iPadOS, version 13.3.1 is now available to all users and is a highly recommended update. With each new version Apple not only introduces new features and fixes errors, small security holes are also solved, so our recommendation is always have the latest version installed.

After several hours testing iOS 13.3.1 we can ensure that there are no major failures And that you can update with total confidence, your device will work great and you will get some interesting improvements.

Everything that changes with iOS 13.3.1

As it is a somewhat secondary update, there is not much news that will drastically change the use of our devices, however there are several annoying mistakes that have disappeared. These are all the improvements that iOS and iPadOS 13.3.1 include:

  • Solution to a problem with communication limits where you can allow a contact to be added without entering the “Screen time” code. This was one of the main novelties of iOS 13.3 that is now completed with this update.
  • Add a configuration to control the use of the U1 band chip Ultra wide function Location.
  • Fix a problem that could cause a Momentary delay before editing a Deep Fusion photo taken on iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro.
  • Solve a mail problem which could cause remote images to load even if the “Upload images” option was disabled.
  • Fix a problem that caused them to appear several dialog boxes to undo in Mail.
  • Fix a problem that caused FaceTime will use the ultra-large rear annual camera instead of the wide angle camera.
  • Solve a problem where Push notifications were not displayed when using Wi-Fi.
  • Correct a problem in CarPlay that could cause the sound to distort when making phone calls in some vehicles.
  • Add support for voices from Siri in English from India for the HomePod.

These are all best that includes this new update of iOS 13, if you have noticed any of these problems, with iOS 13.3.1 you will stop experiencing them.

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