You can record the case of your AirPods with your favorite emoji

You can record the case of your AirPods with your favorite emoji

Since March 2019, Apple is allowing special engravings with images in the cases of some devices and now they gave a new update to that trend, as they will begin making emoji engravings on the AirPods covers.

This information was released by the MacRumors site, ensuring that there are several symbols that can be used, from the classic smiley faces, surprise and kisses, to the fingers up in approval sign and cones such as the ghost, the devil, the robot, The alien and the poop.

Of course, one of the most controversial and sympathetic social media emojis can also be placed in the AirPods case.

Also on this list are a star, a heart, the horse, a bear, the tiger, the goat, the rooster, the snake, the mouse, the pig and a cow.

apple record airpods emoji emojis

Also if you do not want your emoticon you can place your name or occupy the text you want, however, there is no alternative to have both at once.

Emoji customization options are available for all AirPods models and apply to the charging case for each order.

Now that we are talking about these particular symbols that changed the way we communicate, did you know that one of the favorite images of the keyboard was not really linked to anything eschatological in its origin?

Its creator, Peter Miller, had the intention of making the cream we use in ice cream, however, when he realized its shape, he decided to put a few eyes and use coffee to make a joke to his fiancé. Thus, I transform it into what we all already know and use in WhatsApp and Messenger conversations.

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