Wine 5.0

Wine, the app to run Windows apps on Android now available

Wine 5.0

Although we are already made to the mobile experience, we may always need to run Windows programs on our Android mobile. It is precisely the function de Wine and that reaches version 5.0 After taking a few years with us.

Among some of the features that we can find in the 5.0 of Wine is the support to multiple monitors, the re-implementation of XAudio 2 and support for Vulkan 1.1, the cross platform API Open source for the development of apps with 3D graphics.

Before going on to comment a little about what Wine is and what it can do for us, let's anticipate the news of this app in 5.0. We could also call Wine as a Windows Compatibility Layer that we lets you run full Windows applications on our mobile

Wine 5.0

And it is at 5.0 where we will find all the combined efforts of the team carried out for a whole year. The list of changes is very long and the vast majority come in from the technical, but we can include them within what was said about the support to multiple monitors, the XAudio 2 implementation and support for Vulkan 1.1.

Now we could ask ourselves what need we can have for an app like Wine. A quick example: disable Chrome on your Android mobile to use Firefox With your favorite extensions. Impose uBlock settings as a text file from the desktop version on your PC. By having Chrome disabled, Firefox will render all tabs in other apps by default.

Be that as it may, a very technical app that can come with pearls to try to bring the experience of a desktop app that does not yet have its version on our Android mobile. If you want to try it go through the link that we provide below to be before the app's preview.

Wine 5.0 APK – Download