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What are YouTube Premium, Music, Go, Kids and other YouTube services

YouTube has become a site that is used more than just watching videos, since it also has "divisions" that are dedicated to music and original series, for example. In order to clear up doubts, we tell you what YouTube Premium, YouTube Music and other YouTube services consist of.

A free YouTube

Normal YouTube

To access YouTube, it is only necessary to have a Google account, one that serves you for other services in California, such as Google Photos, Gmail and Drive. This version is distinguished by letting you enter your favorite channels, according to your interests, for free.

YouTube main interface

That is, before viewing a clip or during its reproduction, advertising is present, with the option to skip it after viewing it for a few seconds. In any case, this is the cost that must be paid to enjoy YouTube without paying.

The difference to pay for YouTube

YouTube Premium

If you are one of those who do not want publicity to not interrupt your experience, YouTube Premium (formerly YouTube Red) is for you. It is one of the paid subscription services we offer so you can expand your YouTube experience, explains Google.

Add that the ads do not appear before the video, while playing or overlapping.

However, you may still see branding or promotions in the content, only and exclusively if it is the creator who has published it. It may also show promotional links, shelves or functions that the creator has added or enabled in the content or around it, the company says.

Also, with YouTube Premium it is possible to download videos and playlists to watch them offline, as well as background playback, that is, clips do not stop when you use other apps or turn off the screen.

YouTube Premium main logo

This subscription of 12 dollars a month also allows access, without additional cost and without ads, to YouTube Music Premiumalready YouTube Originals. We tell you more about it on both platforms.

YouTube Music Premium

It is a YouTube platform dedicated entirely to music and offers millions of songs without ads.

It is also possible to save songs and playlists in the YouTube Music application to enjoy them offline, and continue listening to music even when other apps are used or the cell phone screen is turned off.

Finally, another feature of the service is the audio only mode, which allows you to listen to music without having to load the video.

User listening to music in the street

YouTube Originals

It is the platform of original YouTube series and movies, mainly, and YouTube Premium subscribers have the options to play material without ads, download content and access all available episodes of a series from the moment of release.

They also have exclusive access to all additional content, such as the director's version and deleted scenes.

You can enjoy some series, movies and live events from YouTube Originals without having to subscribe to YouTube Premium. However, we will show ads during playback and only a few episodes may be available for viewing on streaming at any time, clarifies Google.

Some of the Originals productions are: 12 Deadly Days, Bad internet, Cobra Kai, Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated (director's version), Fruit ninja, Groom, Boost, Kat & June, Katy Perry: Witness World Wide, Liza on Demand, Maluma: what it was, what I am, what to be (director's version), Mind field, Museum, Sing it! YYouth & consequences.

Other benefits of paying

YouTube Kids

The YouTube platform designed for those parents or guardians looking for video content for their little ones also benefits from YouTube Premium, since the subscription offers playback without ads on YouTube Kids, as does YouTube Music and YouTube Originals.

Google Play Music

Finally, with Google Premium, Google Play Music is included at no additional cost in certain countries. This is the platform that lets you listen to your favorite songs and store your music collection (up to 50 thousand songs), among other benefits.

YouTube TV

In the United States, YouTube has another wing, however, it has nothing to do with YouTube Premium. This is YouTube TV, a service that lets you watch live TV of more than 70 channels for a monthly subscription, as well as record content to watch it later.

And what about YouTube Go?

YouTube main interface

It is not always possible to have fast connections to view content or too much space on the Android phone for videos. It is these two reasons that originated YouTube Go.

It is an application for cheap cell phones and for users who do not have much data or storage on their cell phones. Thus, they can download videos from their favorite channels to watch them later, without the need for internet connection.

In other words, it is not a different service; It is rather the basic version of that YouTube that virtually all users know.

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