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Toshiba seeks its place with Encore 2


Toshiba seeks its place with Encore 2

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September 29, 2015

toshiba windows

The technology field is a box of surprises. We can find consolidated firms that launch products that fail, on the other hand, small brands that appear suddenly and that present models that have nothing to envy to their great competitors, and finally, those that, although they are well established in the sector, to Sometimes they pass with a lot of discretion in the race for leadership.

In this case we talk about Toshiba. The Japanese brand, one of the world's leading technology companies, has established itself as one of the sales leaders in devices such as laptops. Nevertheless, has had relative success in the field of tablets with its Encore 2 model However, it once again shows the experience of this firm when it comes to providing the best possible product to the user.

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A discrete exit

Encore series models are on sale since spring 2014. Despite the fact that the presence of these devices in the market is already consolidated, it has not happened with too much glory since they have been appearing new devices from other brands such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 or the latest iPad terminals that have caught the attention of both media and users and have competed very strongly both with the Japanese firm and with the rest.

The golden rule: Don't saturate the market

Unlike other brands such as Acer, which currently has 7 tablet models for sale within the Iconia series, Toshiba has opted for a simpler strategy: Few terminals with good performance. The Encore 2 saga has two devices whose characteristics, as we will see later, are very similar.

Encore 2


The Japanese firm seeks its place in the field of mid-range tablets. Offering good benefits, The price of Encore 2 models ranges between 300 euros and 400 euros approximately. Which positions Toshiba as a good option since it has similar prices to other brands' devices with similar terminals.

Meeting Encore

When talking about the properties of the series of tablets of the Japanese brand, we must clarify that their characteristics are almost similar in the two models that it has in the market. We start talking about the operating system. Both have Windows 8.1 with Bing and the Office 365 package. At the same time, the user can enjoy applications such as Skype or Xbox Music on this device.

The screen, the only differentiating element

As mentioned earlier, the specifications of both terminals are practically the same. Nevertheless, The only difference lies in the screen, where you have an 8-inch model and a 10.1 model. The resolution of 1280 × 800 pixels, however, may be insufficient for the larger terminal.

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Good design

Encore models are ergonomic and They have a golden shell that is very colorful and breaks with the chromatic monotony of other terminals They are completely black or white. Its thickness is one centimeter although the 10.1-inch model, with 550 grams, is heavier than the 8-inch model with only 450.