Features and price of Pocophone F1, Xiaomi's mysterious mobile, are filtered

This is the POCOPHONE F1

A few days ago we began to know about a new smartphone brand that was brewing in the east, POCOPHONE. It is true that his name was not very successful for Spanish speakers, but knowing that Xiaomi was the company that was behind aroused interest.

Apparently this name will be used by the Chinese firm for some markets such as India, where firms such as OPPO already have second brands, destined for an online and more economical segment.

So far we had not seen anything about him POCOPHONE F1, the first smartphone of the new firm, which would be a high-end terminal. That has been solved today, with the filtering of two new models by the Indonesian blogger and leaker Bang Gogo.

A high end terminal

In the first of the videos we can see a moving image that shows us what the specifications of this smartphone will be, as well as its frontal design.

Will have a Snapdragon 845 (or so it seems from the processor clock frequency), 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory. And yes, it takes MIUI, the Xiaomi cape, just as Honor arrives EMUI, that of Huawei. It will be running on top of Android 8.1 Oreo.

It is appreciated that the design is much more curved and organic than in other models. It will have very rounded corners and on-screen buttons, greatly reducing the frames except at the top, where the notch

In a second video we can see that same image in motion but also the back, where you can see a double vertical camera in the central area. The color of this unit is a very striking electric blue.

The absence of a fingerprint sensor stands out, both in the front and in the rear part, so it is either on the screen or bets on facial unlocking as a biometric security method.