This has been the best we have seen at CES Unveiled

This has been the best we have seen at CES Unveiled

Pocket breathalyzer

It is clear that the field of health is key to the evolution of wearable technology (known as wearables), and so we could verify it with the successive incorporation of functions in this sense in the Apple Watch. However, Withings has taken a giant step in this direction by announcing within the framework of the CES a clock capable of measuring sleep apneas, in addition to performing electrocardiograms instantly; Additionally, we have been struck by a small pocket breathalyzer that can be key when it comes to increasing road safety and reducing accidents.

We do not know if it is a trend, but everything seems to indicate that in this edition of CES 2020 the star products will carry the item of Health & wellness, health and wellness, devices that help you take care of your health and stay in shape. At least, that is what we have seen in CES Unveiled 2020, a kind of initial shot of the biggest technology event in the world. At the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas we met first-hand the technological trends of this new decade in charge of more than 160 exhibitors. We talk about small and medium-sized exhibitors, that the giants already have their separate and very well mounted shows. Not for nothing, CES has served as an authentic test scenario for 50 years of those technologies that want to pass from the laboratory to consumers, and much of the future of many small and medium enterprises is played this week.

Whether an innovative startup or an established global brand, this event is the best opportunity to enter the game, standing out above the general bustle with innovative products. Or not so much, say more than one. And it is that beyond 5G and IoT (internet of things), beyond Blockchain, robotics and entertainment, wearable gadgets seem to be the ones in charge. We already have spectacular phones, faster networks and streaming devices to choose from. Now we want to take care of ourselves and be fit.

CES Unveiled 2020 is just the beginning, and we will talk about many products here in the next few days. Of all the acquaintances today, we want to highlight an object we have all wanted to have on hand before it is too late. We refer to a reliable and approved breathalyzer that can make us give up on ourselves or someone known to get behind the wheel after a few drinks with friends: OCIGO by OLYTHE

Lumini Home, the mirror that examines the health of your face

One of the most curious devices of the Unveiled 2020 was this mirror of the company Lululab, which although it looks like a conventional one is smarter than it seems. Just by placing your face in front of this mirror and filling some personal information inside it, Lumini Home is able to identify how your face health is and even recommends that existing products on the market should be used to improve those weaknesses such as spots, dryness or even small wrinkles you have.

This device can be used by men and women and is able to analyze your skin regardless of whether you have makeup or some extra product on the skin. See in this video how our experience with him was.

ClearUP, the device that takes away your congestion without the need for medicines

The development of technology has not only contributed to create different devices for leisure, but also to improve health. And that is the case of ClearUp. Although we saw a prototype of this device at CES 2019, it now comes to Unveiled 2020 become a reality.

Just by passing this small device through your nose and around your eyes, this device emits small vibrations that although seem insignificant, are able to decongest your respiratory tract if you continually suffer from allergies or have a cold.

It is currently available in the market and you can order it through its website. Do not miss the video we made so you can see how it works.

Ocigo, a pocket breathalyzer that synchronizes with the phone

Pocket breathalyzer

Imagine the situation: party with your friends and it's time to go home by car, but how much alcohol have you drunk? Yes, they may be just a couple of beers, but they may be enough to get you in serious trouble if, for some reason, you are involved in an accident. The manufacturer Olytho has announced in this edition of the CES an approved pocket breathalyzer and which he has named OCIGO.

This small device works just like the ones used by the police: just blow in your mouth for a few seconds, and its infrared technology will do the rest offering reliable and, above all, approved results, so you can drive quietly if the test comes out negative. The other advantage of OCIGO is that it is based on a mobile application that uses the geolocation of the device to adjust the alcohol restrictions of the locality in which you are. This device will go on sale online at for a price of $ 299 dollars and have respective applications for iPhone and Android.

Withings ScanWatch, the first watch that makes ECG and detects sleep apnea

As we have pointed out, the measurement of health is one of the great workhorses of wearables and Withings now allows, thanks to the ScanWatch watch, to alert the user of two of the main health problems that go unnoticed and can be lethal: atrial fibrillation and sleep apnea. The ScanWatch is, aesthetically, a watch true to the classic Withings design, but it has a pair of powerful aces in the sleeve that will make you consider your purchase. On the one hand, it constantly measures your heartbeat, and as soon as it detects an unusual rhythm or palpitations, it urges the user to perform an electrocardiogram (ECG) on the device itself, which can then be taken to the doctor.

Another silent evil that affects about a billion people around the globe is the dreaded sleep apnea, which can lead to serious cardiovascular accidents. This serious ailment is unknown to 80 percent of those affected and thanks to the ScanWatch, its owners will be alerted if they have it. How does it do it? The watch has a SpO2 sensor that measures the saturation of oxygen in the blood and analyzes sleep patterns, and alerts the user in case of detecting any irregularity. On the other hand, the watch has the Smart Wake-Up function that will wake its owner in the most appropriate cycle of sleep through vibrations. The ScanWatch can be purchased in spring for a price of $ 249 dollars (38 mm model) and $ 299 dollars (44 mm model).

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