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The Xiaomi Mi Max will not have more phones

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This summer it was confirmed that Xiaomi I wasn't going to throw any phone within the Mi Max range, in a statement from the firm. A decision that already made fear about the future of these two phone ranges of the manufacturer. The worst fears have been confirmed, this time by the CEO of the company.

It is confirmed that the Xiaomi Mi Max range will not have more phones. The company took the final closure to this range of phones, something that had been rumored since this summer, but now becomes a reality. A decision that the company has already made official.

Lu Weibing, CEO of the company, is the one who has confirmed in Weibo that there will be no more phones within this range. It is the Xiaomi Mi Max 3, launched in 2018, which remains as the last phone in this family of the firm. A range of phones that were known for their large screens.

Xiaomi Mi Max 3

This range of phones stood out especially for its large screens, notably larger than the other models. The problem is that before the rest of the phones had 5.5-inch screens. Because now it is normal for them to be more than 6 inches, it seems that this range does not make sense.

On the other hand, Redmi's popularity as a brand Nor does it help the range of the Xiaomi Mi Max. So the company cuts for the healthy with this family of devices. It is not that it was a surprise, seeing that five months ago it was already confirmed that there would be no phones in 2019 within it.

It's been months since it was feared that the end of the Xiaomi Mi Max was a reality. The company's CEO confirms it now. It will be interesting to see if the company is going to create a new range of phones for 2020, replacing this range. What do you think about this decision of the firm?