The UN does not consider WhatsApp as a safe mechanism

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WhatsApp, which recently enabled dark mode for some users, it is one of the most popular instant messenger applications and possibly one of the least safe. If a few months ago the Telegram CEO I warned, once again, of the danger of WhatsApp; now it has been United Nations who does not consider this app "a safe means".

The United Nations Organization (UN) does not consider WhatsApp to be a secure communications platform since Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO and owner of the Washington Post, hacked his smart phone. “The UN does not consider WhatsApp as a safe mechanism”, has recognized a spokesman for the United Nations in an official statement, as collected from Reuters. Even the official has signaled the possible participation of the Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, in the cyber attack on Bezos in 2018.

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According to forensic evidence provided by FTI Consulting, officials requested a joint investigation by the United States and other law enforcement. A report that indicates that Amazon CEO's iPhone was hacked with a malicious video file sent from one of the WhatsApp accounts of the Crown Prince. Because of this incident, the United Nations Organization does not consider WhatsApp “A secure means of communication”.

“The UN does not consider WhatsApp as a safe mechanism”

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Farhan Haq, a UN spokesman, has commented to the same source that “All senior United Nations officials have been instructed to refrain from using WhatsApp for official communication., since it is not a safe medium. ” In the same way, he also added that the official instructions not to use the well-known messenger application Facebook property They occurred in June 2019.

For his part, Carl Woog, Director of Communications of WhatsApp, has assured that “Each private message is protected by end-to-end encryption to prevent WhatsApp or unwanted third party sources can see them. Our encryption technology, developed together with Signal, remains the best to date and is highly appreciated by security experts.