Cubo Mecánico

The Mechanical Cube takes you to a great variety of enigmas

The Mechanical Cube is a new puzzle in the style of The Room in which we are going to test our intellect and our ability to understand the mechanics of each of the puzzles and the tests we have to pass.

Entering this black monolith means looking for the only way out. And to find it we must travel its passages in which Each of the rooms we enter will be a test to overcome. Be prepared to guess the mechanics to solve or use logic in problems that will be put to us such as mathematical calculation. A whole puzzle game in which to break the coconut.

Enigmas and extreme puzzles

Mechanical Cube

The truth that for the first levels we have played in the Mechanical Cube has surprised us the variety of mechanics. In the first one we have a series of mechanics in which we have to take out a battery that we have to place in a hole. Placed, we will have to press a series of buttons with a combination that we will find in one of the holes.

The next level leads us to move a light that changes color from blue to red so that we find the exit path at the end of the level. Luckily, and until you understand the logic of the Mechanical Cube, we have a series of clues, and we will activate with publicity, to get out of some of its enigmas.

After the first, we can go to other halls that allow us to access other rooms with their different enigmas. Thus we find a puzzle game in which the mystery is just around the corner and those who will face the patience necessary to understand their logic.

To break your head with the Mechanical Cube

Mechanical Cube

One of the advantages of the Mechanical Cube is that we can leave a puzzle to try to solve that of another room. That is, if we have not been able to solve any and we do not see the way to do it, we can leave it to return to it later in order to try to find the solution.

Mechanical Cube

Like The Room, many of the puzzles are that of take an object and drag it to activate a mechanic We will have to resolve these mechanisms in order to progress properly. What we don't like is that the tracks are not saved. That is, if you want to read it again you will have to see another advertisement.

Another point of this puzzle is what is in spanish, so it helps a lot so that we can solve their riddles and mysteries. We don't even want to think what would happen to us if we had to solve math problems in English without knowing this language, so it has many points for it to be played in these parts.

Adding to the trend of this genre of games

Mechanical Cube

These types of games are a trend due to the fact that with our phones we have the interaction on screen with our gestures. So the action of taking and dragging becomes very natural so that we almost have the feeling of being touching that enigmatic mechanism that we have on the screen. The truth that causes curiosity to know if we will be able to solve the following.

Technically it is a well-worked game, but it does not have something so special. If that It works very well visually, although in many moments it seems to be a bit rough. Although the important thing here are its mysteries and the ability it has to hook us through the curiosity of trying to solve them. Yes we like references to the current pop culture and this gives it a pretty interesting point as a detail.

The Mechanical Cube is a puzzle game with a variety of puzzles and that is why you may like it, since it is not repetitive at all. You have it for free, and paying to solve the riddles if you see that you can't solve it.