the 2 best apps of the moment (2020)

the 2 best apps of the moment (2020)

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Throughout the past year, a series of applications came to light, which became viral, that loaded a photo of the face to place in scenes of movies and television programs, the so-called "Deepfakes", how Zeo. An app was also released that turn your face into works of art Y Faceapp, which showed you how you will be in a few long years.

The purpose of the applications that create deepfakes It is none other than allowing users to be the real protagonists of their favorite movies and series, and in many cases use them to deceive others. To do this, just take a selfie, choose the scene of the film and series and let the application do its magic.

Now, this year new applications have come to light to create "deepfakes", which they have become viral in just a few days. Below we detail the two applications with which you can create curious deepfakes in just seconds.

Two applications to create your own deepfakes


The first one is Morphin, a creator of new generation GIFs that allows users infiltrate your favorite GIFS, becoming the center of attention. The new version features search tags, high resolution GIFs and a more elegant look. Unlike other apps of this style, Morphin uses CGI technology to recreate the image completely the user.

This way you can become Tony Stark while putting on the Iron Man suit, getting into Obama's skin while releasing the microphone or having your own Fortnite skin, among others. As we have already mentioned, the highlight of this application, and that the difference of the others, is that Morphin generates the entire clip from scratch with CGI animation, so it is seen at first sight that they are not manipulated copies of an original video designed to fool someone, like the "deepfakes".

Morphin began three years ago with the intention of creating custom avatars for games and virtual reality, so that users could be a FIFA player or a Skyrim character. Its operation is simple, take a selfie or select the face of a famous from the galley available in the app, choose a GIF and wait for the magic to occur. In addition, you can always share your creation through social networks or messenger applications to be the center of attention or to have a good time with your friends.


In what we have been doing this year it has also come to light Doublicat, an application that allows users to customize GIFS changing their own faces for those of the protagonists of said GIFs. The app asks as soon as you start taking a selfie, then scan your face and change it for the protagonist of the selected GIF scene.

A GIF creator of exchange with Artificial Intelligence and that offers you a personalized meme in just five seconds. As with the previous application, with Doublicat you can also share your creations, whether horrible or not, with your friends and followers through social networks.