Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics, the LOL spinoff, arrive in mid-March

Teamfight Tactics

You can already be attentive in mid-March because Teamfight Tactics, the League of Legends spinoff, will fall, and that will land on Android to the delight of its fans, and new followers that will get fully into their strategy games.

For the occasion Riot Games have released a trailer video for the registration page you can approach to receive the first notification of its launch. A great day that we know that the spinoff of one of the most played online multiplayer of the last decade will come.

Deploy LoL champions in Teamfight Tactics

One of the main features of Teamfight Tactics is the have the LoL champions (League of Legends) to deploy them in battle. You will have to improve them just as it happens in other online games like Supercell's own and that already gives us to think about its monetization strategy: a pure and hard freemium in which the loot boxes may make August.

Although here We are not facing a gameplay like Clash Royale, but we are closer to the genre of the bus and we have several important names; You can know a list of the three best.

We can say that Teamfight Tactics mimics the gameplay that we can find in the auto-battle mode on PC of the same version of League of Legends and that will be characterized by a cross-platform experience; and that is distinguished by being able to track our progress either from our mobile or from the PC, as will happen with online confrontations that may be between players from different devices.

Create your elite squad in Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics

In the trailer video released by Riot Games we can find part of the gameplay and that in his 30 seconds he lets us see the intense games that await us, the truth that looks very good. We are practically facing an auto chess game in which we create an elite squad of the Champions of League of Legends and we will send them to the battlefield so that they automatically fight against them from the enemy player.

That is, we are going to take care of the strategies related to squad formation and what it is to know how to throw them in battle at the right time. That is, a strategy game in which we have to think well about the strategies to be used to get ahead of the enemy player and finish the game.

The fact that it is a cross-platform will allow us to play with colleagues wherever they are, or on your mobile or on your PC, so this gives you an interesting point for the versatility of your time.

For mid March

Teamfight Tactics

Within weeks of launching the news of the previous registration from the own page of Teamfight Tactics, we have known that The game will be released in mid-March. So we can get ready for that date in which a Riot Games game is going to draw a lot of attention to its followers and the new ones that will be incorporated from their mobile phones to enjoy cross-platform games.

We recently met the three games that Riot Games has prepared and among which highlights League of Legends Wild Rift, and that will take us all the experience of the best MOBA that has existed to our mobile. As we still do not know when it will arrive, we can be content with the launch of Teamfight Tactics and that the trailer looks very good.

A ideal year for Riot Games as long as you know how to properly launch League of Legends and this Teamfight Tactics. He has 3 aces in his hand, so use them well. We will enjoy better games and those online titles that usually hook hundreds of thousands of players in the world.