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Squeeze the Night Mode and you may even win the Apple contest

iPhone camera photos

As with each new generation of iPhone, Apple has launched the "Shot on iPhone" contest for users of their devices to tag their photos on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #ShotoniPhone or #DarkmodeChallenge to participate From the participating photos, Apple select the winners that in addition to being exhibited in many of the busiest places in the world such as stations, plazas and other public places generate a good income for rights for their authors.

This generation in particular Apple has wanted to focus on its new Night Mode to encourage the contest a bit more, so that the photos that participate may have more attention from Apple. This is why today we bring you 6 tricks to become a Night Mode masters, and who knows if to win the contest of the Cupertino.

Basic tricks for night mode

Always look for more light

The Night Mode really works "miracles", but not for this we must trust. Despite how well Night Mode works, it will always be beneficial to find more light For our photo. Try different angles and different locations, there will always be some that will benefit the photo more than another and the final result will improve a lot.

iPhone 11 night mode

Be patient and take several photos

The Night Mode is not perfect despite our praises to him, this is why we always recommend taking more than one capture of the scene That we are photographing. The result may not be worth much, but there are times when flashing lights for example can be key. For this reason try to make the same photo more than once, luckily the iPhone does not work with reel so it costs nothing to make several photos to be able to keep the best.

Hold your breath, 3, 2, 1 … Don't move!

Having a good pulse is a great addition to Night Mode. Although it has already been shown that even moving slightly the iPhone is able to take good pictures in low light, always be better if we can be really still at the time of capture, both we and the subject we are photographing. For this the advice is simple, look for a foothold, hold your breath and shoot. With a little good pulse our photographs will be more obvious and it will be easier for the iPhone to stack images in search of light to create our capture.

iPhone camera photos

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Use accessories that help you

A telephone tripod or a small focus can be your best allies and completely change a photo. With the help of the trpode we can get long exposures of Night Mode without any trepidation and with a small pocket bulb (if we put up a flashlight it is valid for us) we can completely change the lighting of an image, and have much more attractive. Do not hesitate to try different things, photographic accessories for the iPhone there are a thousand, and while some are not worth for practically nothing there are that are the sea of ​​tiles.

Take advantage of the focal ranges

Currently the most modern iPhone (11 and 11 Pro) have two and three lenses respectively. 13mm at the most angular end, 26mm at the wide angle and 52mm at the telephoto lens in the case of the iPhone 11 Pro. With these three perspectives we can play and obtain different levels of the same circumstance, and what may be unimpressive with the telephoto may seem incredible with the ultra wide angle. Although Night Mode only really works with the wide-angle lens, the 26mm lens, we can expand our ideas to other focal points and as we mentioned in the previous sections look for a better light, or invent it with a small focus or flashlight. The limitations are only set by yourself.

new camera interface

Find your own style in Night Mode

Although the activation of Night Mode is the responsibility of the iPhone itself and we cannot use it at our mercy, once activated if we can squeeze it to the maximum with the options that the camera application gives us. Use or not the flash? Adjust exposure time? That is at your mercy to bring that personal touch to the photo when making it. Have you tried the Night Mode with the black and white filter? ** Do not hesitate and squeeze the maximum capabilities of your iPhone. **