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SelfieType: Samsung created an invisible keyboard that works for any phone

SelfieType is a Samsung experimental keyboard that detects the position of the hands to simulate the keystrokes

Samsung present
SelfieType, a prototype of a
keyboard that is really virtual: use the front camera of the smartphone to read the position of the hands on the table and deduce, by their movements, what virtual key the user wants to press.

The idea, with this, is to save the use of foldable physical keyboards or to use a keyboard when using a tablet or cell phone, and offers something that is extremely flexible: it reaches with a place to put your hands (and the phone in front)


It is not the first time that a company poses something like that; At least 15 years ago there are laser keyboards that project the drawing of the keys on a surface (the table, for example) and use a sensor to determine the movement of the fingers. And Sony had, a couple of years ago,
the Xperia Touch, a system that projected the entire telephone interface on the table and detected the location of the hands.

But in this new Samsung design there is no need for additional hardware: the entire system is based on an algorithm that runs inside the phone and that use the front camera to analyze the position and movement of the fingers. A priori, however, a difficulty arises: the system that uses laser at least shows on the table the location of the keys, something that not everyone can remember with precision, and that can be a complication to use the

For now, likewise, it is a demonstration of the ability of the company's algorithms, and of C Lab, an incubator of ideas that Hyler also presents this year, a highlighter that scans the selected text at the printed time, a simulating lamp sunlight to stimulate the production of vitamin D, an ultraviolet ray sensor and a system to analyze the health of our scalp.


. SelfieType: Samsung created an invisible keyboard that works for any phone – LA NACION