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Pokmon Home be available for Android in February

Pokemon Home will be available for Android in February

Do you play Pokmon Go but also the Pokmon games on the Nintendo Switch? Then this will interest you. And it is that the cloud that will allow you to pass all your Pokmon of the different games is already here. S, Pokmon Home be available for Android in February, so we explain how to work.

Pokmon Home falls like a ring to the finger to all those people who play the Pokmon games that Nintendo offers on its portable consoles, since It is the perfect solution to have the 890 Pokmon that exist.

How will Pokmon Home work?

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The first thing you have to know is that Pokmon Home is a service that allows you to transfer, exchange, display information about Pokmon and much more in the cloud. To do all this it is not necessary that you have a Nintendo Switch subscription, which allows you to play Pokmon Lets Go Pikchu / Eevee or Pokmon Sword / Shield online.

In addition, podrs Access the same boxes if you link your Nintendo account to Pokmon Go and the Nintendo Switch versions. That is, you can have all the Pokmon you have caught in your games in the same box.

Note that Pokmon Home has a Premium version that will allow you to connect with Pokmon Bank, what does this mean? Well, with the paid version you can upload to the cloud all the Pokmon of the following Nintendo 3DS games:

  • Pokmon X and Y.
  • Pokmon Rub Omega and Alpha Sapphire.
  • Pokmon Sun and Moon.

Prodigious Pokmon Home Box

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The prodigious box It is a random way to exchange Pokmon. That is, in this box you will place the Pokmon that you no longer want and which you want to part with (instead of releasing them, you exchange them).

Thus you help who is looking for that Pokmon that you don't need anymore. Also, maybe you can take a surprise and receive a legendary Pokmon as an exchange.

GTS returns to Pokmon Home

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The GTS was a Pokmon service that started in Pokmon Diamond / Pearl, and see that it was successful! With the GTS Coaches can indicate what Pokmon they want to exchange and what they would like to receive in return (including level and sex of the Pokmon).

Once you've decided this, the GTS look around the world for a person that suits your request. You will be really surprised to know the number of people who benefited from this function at the time, so it is quite positive that Pokmon Home brings it back.

Exchange with friends

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Even if you have added several friends in Pokmon Go and others in the Nintendo Switch games, in Pokmon Home you will have to add your friends again. So do not confuse them, because they will be with the friends of Pokmon Home with whom you can use this function.

Group Exchange

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Group exchange is a new function that you it allows to exchange Pokmon with all the people who are in that group. Each group can have up to 20 coaches without any cost. However, people who have the Premium plan will be the only ones that can be created by the exchange groups.

National Pokdex

National Pokedex Pokemon Home "width =" 700 "height =" 393

The national Pokdex has been one of the most controversial issues of the last months with the departure of Pokmon Sword / Shield. All because the last game of the franchise only has 400 of the 890 Pokmon that exist, Yes, less than half! However, they announced that due to the Expansion Pass the Pokdex will increase to 600 Pokmon.

Despite this, with the Pokmon Home you can have the 890 Pokmon that exist. All the Pokmon you link will be registered, no matter if they can megaevolve, or make Gigamax, you can see all the information specified with the national Pokedex.

In addition, with the national Pokedex the trainers also they can search according to the abilities or movements of the Pokmon, which makes things much easier when making an exchange.

Judge Function

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The judge function is one of the best things that Pokmon Home has added. And is that, Who would not like to have a perfect Pokmon? Well now, you don't need to enter the game to find out, since With Pokmon Home you can see the IVs, EVs, nature, skill, movements and even the object It has been equipped.

Pokmon Home Mysterious Gifts

Mysterious Pokemon Home gifts "width =" 1200 "height =" 800

While mysterious gifts are something typical of portable console games, Pokmon Home offers you these types of gifts for your version on mobile devices. These will be automatically stored in one of the boxes.

Also You can receive these mysterious gifts in Pokmon Sword / Shield. You only need to redeem the gift codes that Pokmon Home offers.

Personal corner in Pokmon Home

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In the personal ricn people you can see all the information regarding the upcoming events (of all the games that have linked to Pokmon Home). In addition, you can also decorate your profile with stickers that you should get by performing certain tasks or achievements of Pokmon Home.

Pokmon Home differences between Android and Nintendo Switch

Pokemon Home differences between Android and Nintendo Switch "width =" 1200 "height =" 593

In this image you can see clearly what are the differences of Pokmon Home between both versions (Nintendo Switch and Android). And although the benefits are the same, there are functions that are designed for games of portable consoles and others for mobile.

Note that there are functions for mobiles that will help you in the games of the Nintendo Switch, for example: users can check, through their mobile, the status of the Qualifying Fights and Online Tournaments of Pokmon Sword / Shield, as well as the lists of the Pokmon that are being used in them.

Price and availability of Pokmon Home

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As you see, although the basic plan is free it offers you very few things. From Android, we now believe that 15.99 dollars a year It is an extremely economical price for all benefits that Pokmon Home brings you.

As for the release date, it is still unknown exactly on February when Pokmon Home will be available. However, we think that the launch be the first week of February, so do not despair, because there is little left.

But cuntanos, What do you think of this new service in the cloud of Pokmon, will you pay it or not? Your opinion matters to us, let us know in the comments.

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