Apple launch a backlit keyboard for iPad Pro this year

Not only an iPhone, Apple is also preparing a 5G iPad

iPad Pro 5g

This 2020 will be the expected arrival of devices with the Apple seal, which include 5G connectivity This has been advanced by industry connoisseurs, and even the CEOs of the companies that are part of the production chain of the bitten apple.

And although the above is a fact that is taken for granted by the iPhone, this week a new information shared from Macrumors, ensures that an upcoming iPad You may also surprise us with this feature.

Apple is also preparing an iPad 5G

As it has spread this week to the expected line of four iPhone with 5G that are expected this 2020, an update of the iPad will be added with the same novelty. According to sources cited by the industry publication DigiTimes, Taiwn's advanced semiconductor engineer provide bundled antenna technology for the iPad 5G, perhaps an iPad Pro, the high-end model of these tablets.

While the first are expected iPhone 5G arrive in autumn 2020, the report does not indicate whether the possible launch of the iPad 5G, will coincide with this time. From experience, the main features come to the iPhone before the iPad, however a notable exception happened with the third generation iPad that received LTE support in March 2012, before the iPhone 5 in September 2012. What leaves the door open for a similar situation this year.

Thus, the iPad Pro 5G in development will include technology 5G mmWave, which means you can take advantage of the fastest version of the 5G network in those areas where it is available. Thus, the iPad Pro with these features will be much more powerful, thanks to these millimeter waves, which promise very fast speeds over short distances.

Apple is working hard to ensure its users are connected at all times! Will we see any more surprises in relation to 5G? Share in the comments!