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Netflix starts streaming videos in a format that saves data

A new relief may have compulsory marathon consumers on Netflix, since the streaming platform is seriously thinking about how to help users save data when they view and download productions.

In information that it shares in its official blog, the popular video service announced that using AV1 for the Android operating system, a high-performance codec and 20% more efficient than the current VP9.

In fact, this AV1 technology can already be enabled instead of VP9 in YouTube videos, in the Playback and Performance settings, however, users are warned to use it for anything above 480p to require a powerful computer.

In addition, the company reports that "AV1 is possible thanks to the broad commitment of the experience and intellectual property industry within Alliance for Open Media (AOMedia), of which Netflix is ??a founding member."

The Reed Hastings company also adds that this option to Save Data is available and must be enabled on Android phones.

?While our goal is to implement AV1 on all our platforms, we see a good fit for the compression efficiency of AV1 in the mobile space where cellular networks can be unreliable and our members have limited data plans. Selected titles are now available to broadcast on AV1 for customers who want to reduce their cellular data usage by enabling the "Save data" function, they argue.

Also, the streaming platform commented that, ?Our AV1 support on Android takes advantage of the open-source dav1d decoder created by the VideoLAN, VLC and FFmpeg communities and sponsored by the Alliance for Open Media. Here we have optimized dav1d so that it can play Netflix content, which is color 10-bit. In the spirit of making AV1 widely available, we are sponsoring an open source effort to further optimize 10-bit performance and make these gains available to everyone. ?

Finally, Netflix said they are working to extend this offer to other devices and chipsets, to extend the AV1 to the hardware.

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