Locate an Android mobile with SMS thanks to this application

Locate an Android mobile with SMS thanks to this application

Let's get in situation. You have an Android mobile that you want to locate at all times, simply and without needing internet connection; the mobile could belong to a child or an elderly person, for example; and you want to ensure its location without the phone owner having to interact with your device. As well: SMS Location It is your app.

With SMS Location You will have a security system that sends the location of the mobile when you send a text message. The method of sending the location is also by SMS, so you will not need data coverage; saving with it on the rate and without having to worry about the low coverage areas. And the system is totally transparent: just install Location SMS on the mobile to be located and ready.

With Location SMS you will make sure where your loved ones are

Locate an Android mobile with SMS thanks to this application

It is not a system designed to spy nor to locate people without their knowledge, so it is only recommended in situations where there is a risk of disappearance. As we said, in the case of mobile phones for children, the elderly, on excursions with certain dangers … SMS Location It can be very helpful if a person with a mobile phone disappears.

Once the app is installed, the configuration system is simple: just give it the required permissions (SMS, location and access to contacts, all logical given the functions of Location SMS), select the contacts that can communicate with the phone to receive the location and go. The mobile will be ready to function as a kind of rescue beacon.

A very useful function of SMS Location is that we can choose a security zone so that the mobile alert us in the event that the owner exceeds it. This is very useful to delimit areas around the school or home, for example: simply access to «Create Geofence" (the "+»On the main map), choose the area on Google Maps and the filters that will activate the automatic sending of the SMS every time the owner transgresses the limits.

And to know the location manually? Simply send an SMS to the phone with the text «Where are you?»And a code that we can choose in the Location SMS settings. The mobile will automatically return the location by text message. And we will only have to click on the data of that message to find the location of the person on the map.

An excellent application that, well used, can prevent disappearances

It is logical to have doubts about Location SMS since could serve to spy on the person who has it installed. Beyond here, and that the app does not hide since it remains in the app drawer, it will give remarkable peace of mind to parents and all those who need to protect a loved one. Knowing where he is is the first step to help him. A step that would avoid many catastrophes.

SMS Location It is a free Android application that lacks ads. Yes you have an in-app purchase that adds various options that are not essential for localization.