You will like this 3D Tetris as much as the original

Kubik, Tetris in 3D with a very colorful design

Kubik is a kind of 3D Tetris in which you must complete the layers by rotating the surface so that the pieces fit together.

Ketchapp is one of those game developer companies that is licensing mansalva on Android. From simple and meaningless apps to small wonders like Stack: a casual game in which you have to stack as many plates as possible. Y Kubik grab the graphic style of Slack by transferring it to a Tetris style game. In 3D nothing less.

With Kubik you will play Tetris in 3D

You will like this 3D Tetris as much as the original

This is the basis of Kubik: a platform that we will rotate so that the pieces that fall from the sky will fit over each other. The rest of the mechanics es identical to Tetris: each line or complete layer disappears leaving the rest of the construction to fall.

The fact of being in 3D adds a new challenge to the number one piece game in history. Putting the mind in three-dimensional mode so that everything fits together is quite complicated. Although, fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately), Kubik does not accumulate an exaggerated difficulty either: the surface is 3 × 3, Rubik's cube; which minimizes the complication, especially when deciphering the perspective and the empty gaps that remain in the center.

Kubik is very entertaining. It is also beautiful graphically thanks to its colors and gradients: delve into minimalism to bring a game as simple as possible while keeping the gameplay high. It also includes in-app purchases and ads: we will have several worlds available that can be «Buy» with diamonds. And a payment of 1.99 euros that eliminates advertising.

Complicated three-dimensional fun

You will like this 3D Tetris as much as the original

So I could summarize Kubik: a puzzle game with which you will entertain yourself without breaking your head too much. I found it very funny for a while. And of those games that manage to sting you for several days for the desire to exceed the maximum scores. The graphic style based on Stack I also find it extremely attractive. And it is ideal for dead times.

You can download Kubik, this new Ketchapp game, from the following link. Highly recommended.