Claves para desarrollar el marketing con Twitter en 2020

Keys to develop marketing with Twitter in 2020

Keys to develop marketing with Twitter in 2020

As time passes, social networks present interesting changes, therefore, for brands with a presence in these spaces or who consider doing so, it is essential to know what it takes to make the most of the different channels. This year, among social networks, one of the key ones is likely to be Twitter, as you may know, although it does not have the billions of users that Facebook has (it has 336 million, according to the portal), it is a space where many of the great conversations in the digital world detonate, with respect to all kinds of topics on which brands can be used to promote themselves. Considering that relevance to gain, in this space we will talk about some aspects that must be taken into account for the development of Twitter marketing during this year.

According to the AdEspresso platform, these are some of the keys to follow in 2020 to continue developing Twitter marketing properly:

  • Consider the positioning

Although it may sound a bit confusing or ironic, for the development of Twitter marketing the first thing that is recommended, according to the source, is not to focus only on this social network so that the results are better.

And it is that the above is relevant because it is no longer only competing to appear in the Twitter results, but also all the publications and content you make are being monitored by the search engine algorithms. This means that you must interact and incite conversations.

In case you do not know, tweets can appear in a carousel format within Google and this can greatly improve the visibility and increase of various metrics. Best of all, you don't need to have thousands or millions of followers to make this happen. The key is to publish and respond regularly. When a follower responds to your twitter, you must respond as well. If your posts are attractive and interesting, the search algorithms will eventually take your content.

  • Focus on authenticity

As the source highlights, if you are only on Twitter to promote your brand, you should know that you are wasting time and even money. In 2020, authenticity has become vital for brands with a presence in this social network. In that sense, firms must focus on publishing content that motivates conversation between their followers. When you have this kind of environment, followers will feel more committed to the brand, which will be a great boost for marketing actions with Twitter that come later and even to motivate them to become buyers.

At present it can be said that developing this aspect is easier within the social network because there are new features, such as that which allows users to hide answers with just one click. This element can be of help if someone in your publications is getting completely out of the subject, leading to a whole conversation that has nothing to do with the central idea of ​​the publication.

  • Provide support to customers

Providing good support to customers or followers can also be considered part of marketing with Twitter or with any other social network. However, it is particularly this social network that has become a valuable resource for customer service provided by brands.

It is important to respond to messages and mentions that are received in every way, for example, if someone approaches with a negative interaction towards the company or makes a tweet about it, labeling the brand, you should take that opportunity and respond or repair the damage so as not to affect the consumer's relationship with the brand and its reputation.

As you may have already noticed, many brands take the issue of customer service or support one level higher, creating accounts exclusively dedicated to responding to consumer comments or complaints. It is possible to see this in airline companies, telephone companies and financial companies. With these accounts, consumers have an easy way to get in touch with the brands and you can even reduce the number of operators you have by phone.

Twitter has specific options to support if brands want to emphasize this element.

  • Include the videos in your strategy

If your marketing strategy with Twitter does not take into account the video format, you should know that you are missing out on a great opportunity. As many have predicted, the video has greatly increased its popularity on social networks and Twitter is no exception, in fact the platform has adopted this movement including several ways to make videos stand out in user feeds.

One of the ways in which this aspect works is through a trial version of the space where the contents are displayed, which changes the way the litter acts when a photo is being taken.

This test is designed to give the video and image format a different aspect when transmissions are made or when an image that was previously captured is shared.

As the source is, this type of modifications, in addition to confirming the importance of the video, with a little imagination can help brands use this as part of their promotional techniques.