Instagram will allow you to tag your friends in videos

Instagram allow you to tag your friends in the videos

Instagram continues unstoppable in its strategy of mastering social networks with an application that is increasingly huge. It combines photos, messaging, social network, videos … And many functions for all those components that are increasing progressively. And speaking of videos: what would happen if they could tag you just like in the pictures?

The service is testing a new function that would bring people tagging to videos Same as in the photos. Well, exactly the same not because there are certain variations given the nature of the content: Instagram is investigating the best way to bring labeling to the application. And seems to have found it.

Those who play Instagram videos can access all tagged people

Instagram will allow you to tag your friends in videos

The news comes from the hand of TechCrunch, a well-informed website in everything that refers to Instagram. In fact it has been confirmed by the company itself: the tagging of people in the videos is currently undergoing tests and will arrive shortly. Some users already have it accessible in their application, such as the profile of Cable Girls (video tags can only be seen in the mobile application).

The mechanics to tag the contacts is the same as in the photos: before hanging the content you can add the people that appear in the video. Although yes, the label will not appear on the exact point of the moving image since it would be difficult to click on it. Instead we will have a visible lower button that, when pressed, will take us to a page with all the people tagged.

When playing a video we will see that it contains tags if a lower button labeled “See tagged people«; It also appears as an icon. Pressing it will take us to a page called «People tagged in this video«; where we can inform ourselves and go directly to their profiles.

The function is currently operational in the Instagram mobile application and only for a very small number of users.