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How to 'Googlelizar' your iPhone completely

google on phone

One of the advantages of having an iPhone is that we can choose between iOS and Google applications, something that Android users cannot do since Apple does not just develop applications for its operating system. Nevertheless Google allows iPhone users to use all their services and apps on the iPhone, so you can get something from Android on iOS.

The good thing about Google services is that they work very well and that they are completely free. For that reason today we bring you a way of ‘Googlelize’ your iPhone using Google apps and replacing them with Apple apps.

Google applications and services that you can install on the iPhone

There's a large number of Google applications available on the iPhone which are perfect if you have a Google account to replace the default iOS apps. So you can "Google" your iPhone.

The Google app

The first thing you should do is install the Google app, you may not see much sense, but it is the best applied to make quick searches on the internet. You can also access Google Discover, the best way for Android users to inform themselves, completely customized for each user.

Gmail instead of Mail

Perhaps the Mail app is one of the least evolved in iOS in recent versions, it is clear that it needs a redesign, and the Google's option is one of the best in the App Store. With the Gmail app you will have more options for your search engine email accounts.

Google Photos instead of Photos

The iPhone photos application is a great option, however With Google Photos you will have cloud storage for all your photos completely free. If you don't want to pay for extra space in iCloud, Google Photos is the best way to have your photos in the cloud and synchronized on all your devices.

Chrome instead of Safari

Safari with the passage of the versions of iOs has improved, incorporating a download manager and a default desktop view on the iPad. However millions of users choose to use Chrome on their computers, so the logic says that for all of them it is better to use it also on your iPhone.

Google Assistant instead of Siri

In recent years Google Assistant has evolved above Siri, that is a fact. The Google assistant has proven to be much more capable and have much more information, and best of all, we can use it on our iPhone. In addition, with a simple trick, you can ask Siri to open Google Assistant, so you can easily invoke it with your voice.

Google Maps instead of Maps

Apple has done very well with its maps since its launch, but Google maps are still the most used for the vast majority of users. Especially thanks to its excellent search results from different places.

Drive instead of iCloud

Another of Google's alternatives that are really interesting, while Apple offers you only 5 GB free on iCloud, Google gives you 15 GB in Drive. With the app you can store any file in the cloud very easily from your iOS devices.

Other Google Apps

But this is not all Google has many other applications to replace Apple such as Google Home and the Home or Keep app with Notes. There are many alternatives to Apple applications and Google apps are a guarantee.

‘Googleization ’completed.