Artificial intelligence left 1896 video in 4K and even with colors

Artificial intelligence left 1896 video in 4K and even with colors

Louis Jean Lumire has to his credit besides inventing the cinematography with his brother Auguste Mari, the creation of an audiovisual piece of worship released in 1896, it is about Larrive dun train in gare de La Ciotat (The arrival of a train at La Ciotat station), and that was shown in Paris that same year.

The legend even tells that those attending the Salon indien du Grand Caf in the French capital, left terrified when they saw the train approaching.

It must have been 124 years for an enthusiast to give it life and with the help of neural networks and Artificial Intelligence, transform this museum piece into something alive and with 4K.

This was the idea that youtuber Denis Shiryaev had with the 50-second clip, which expanded the record to a resolution of 4K and 60 FPS.

How did Shirayev make it possible ?: First, it was based on a 2017 clip already remastered and with the use of tools like Topaz Labs Gigapixel AI managed to give it the scaling in 4K, while with DAIN ('Depth-Aware Video Frame Interpolation' ) add the missing frames.

Below we have the original video:

Social network users, such as Twitter, also ventured to make the crossings of both clips.

But that was not all, since the people of DeOldify Neuronal Network also through Artificial Intelligence and a series of algorithms, decided to deliver their own version of the video, completely in color.

Obviously, the use of the technique went a long way, like several discussions in the Reddit social network, where users already ask for it to improve old TV shows and even pornography of the 70s and 80s.

“It will be interesting to try to apply this in a more ambitious way, someday. Example: there are a series of television programs, good and classic, that were filmed in a 35 mm film but finished at 480p.Also a series of films that are only available through VHS transfers or 16 mm prints.Being able to improve these levels and, when necessary, correcting the frame rate will be an impressive and possibly much cheaper way to restore them, ”suggests one of the forum members.

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