Apple patents augmented reality speakers for MacBook

Apple patents augmented reality speakers for MacBook

Audio is a category where Apple does not want to lose ground against the competition. That is why he has been working hard to incorporate innovations and generate new ideas for his devices.

This is how Cupertino's were assigned a patent on December 31, 2019 with the title "System to remove a virtual sound from a listener using a diaphona canceller."

You wonder what that means in simple words: it is a virtual speaker system present on the MacBook that seeks to get a more immersive experience.

Apple confirms patent to take virtual audio anywhere

For that it works with this crosstalk cancellation, which allows users to feel that the sound comes from a different place than the speakers. Specifically, the concept refers to the superimposed sound waves that the ears receive from the left and right channels of a speaker.

This effect, according to the Patently Apple site, allows the audio to contain “spatial signals” that allow a sound to position itself virtually in a space.

This will take more meaning if we are watching on the MacBook a sports broadcast, a live show or any movie in which the sounds wrap us in a feeling of immersion.

According to the patent and referring to the uses that this system could have: “Apple has been granted a patent for augmented reality (RA) speakers, which allow you to hear where people are inside a room, even when they are not physically present. "

“The patent positions the RA speakers as a business tool, ideal for listening to conference calls, but it is not difficult to imagine those entertainment-based uses for the same technology,” be the text presented at the patent registration office of U.S.

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