Apple patents an Apple Pencil with built-in camera ┬╗ERdC

Apple patents an Apple Pencil with built-in camera ┬╗ERdC

Apple patents an Apple Pencil with built-in camera

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In the near future very interesting improvements may be coming for the Apple Pencil. According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO); the company was responsible for registering a patent for a pencil with an integrated camera and other features.

The description of the pencil reveals that it will have a Touch sensitive area with support for gestures such as blows: rotations and blows or a combination of gestures. The new version of the Apple Pencil will have the ability to distinguish between a user who simply holds it; of the one who makes a real gesture. The current version of the Apple Pencil allows you to switch between tools such as a pen and an eraser by double tapping the side of the pencil.

The new patent shows that the version of the pencil in which you are working can detect the user's biological characteristics; An example of this is that it can detect heart rate; Breathing frequency; blood pressure and skin temperature, among others.

An Apple Pencil patent was also seen in which a camera is incorporated. The camera can capture the physical characteristics of a surface and reproduce it visually on the iPad screen.

Another patent shows a haptic feedback function; this reproduces the sensation of drawing on paper; while another mentions that the pencil has a fingerprint scanner so it can be used to unlock the iPad and also to make payments.

It is still unknown what the characteristics used in the patents will materialize as a commercial product. However, it is very likely that the new gestures will be incorporated into the Apple Pencil that will be launching with the next iPad Pro. Reproductions of the next tablet leaked a few weeks ago; and it is revealed that the next generation iPad will have triple rear cameras.


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