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[APK] WhatsApp receives the dark mode in the last beta, we will show you how to install it on video

Since WhatsApp began to be part of Facebook, application updates generally they have shone by their absence. It is increasingly common to find terminals on the market with OLED screens, screens that allow us to save battery power in compatible applications, since they only use LEDs that show colors other than black, as long as this is the background color.

Although the dark mode has officially arrived from the hand of Android 10, both Huawei and Samsung already offered it long ago, but apparently these manufacturers are the ones that sell the most terminals in the market it was not reason enough as if WhatsApp introduced the dark mode once and for all, a dark mode that is already available in the latest beta and is disappointing.

Whatsapp dark theme

The first signs of the dark mode in WhatsApp are found in 2018, but since then nothing else was known. It is striking that the second most popular Android application and that is not from Google, has taken so long to implement this mode, a mode that is disappointing because It does not allow you to take advantage of OLED screens.

The dark mode of WhatsApp does not use black as the background color, but it adopts a dark gray color so only affects the aesthetics of the application without affecting the battery consumption, one of the reasons why many users were waiting for the dark mode in WhatsApp.

Of course, if you use the smartphone in the dark, regardless of whether your terminal has an OLED screen or not, you will surely appreciate this mode since you will not have to reduce the brightness to the maximum so as not to leave your eyes.

How to activate the dark mode in WhatsApp

Whatsapp dark theme

This dark mode It can be activated manually or depending on the system interface. If our terminal allows us to program the dark mode to activate at a certain time, at that same time, WhatsApp will replace the traditional white background with the dark gray.

If you want to be among the first to try the dark mode of WhatsApp you have two options. Enroll in the beta program, or download the APK directly from version 2.20.13, which already includes this feature. Once you have downloaded it, you just have to install it on the current version, the chats you have will not be deleted.

In the header of the video I leave you a step-by-step video tutorial in which my partner Francisco Ruiz explains this to you, how to enable the new dark mode in the official WhatsApp application by simply downloading the latest official beta.

Download the latest official WhatsApp beta with the new dark mode enabled by clicking here

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