8 mitos del marketing en Instagram que debes conocer

8 myths of Instagram marketing you should know

8 myths of Instagram marketing you should know

Currently, Instagram can be considered as a key channel within the catalog of social networks, the platform has experienced significant growth, has implemented tools and functions relevant to brands and users and experiences a higher engagement rate than other social networks, 4.7 percent, according to iconosquare data. However, today there are those who doubt its effectiveness due to various myths that exist around it. In this post we will see what they are so you can discard them and think better if it is appropriate to develop Instagram marketing.

According to information shared by Hootsuite, these are the 8 myths of Instagram marketing that brands and companies must know and discard completely:

In relation to this first myth of Instagram marketing, you should know that in recent months Instagram began to experiment by hiding likes for followers in account publications. The measure began as a test that has already reached the United States and may expand to other markets as it progresses.

Given the previous change, it is speculated that there may be changes in the weight of the different metrics considered to evaluate engagement. However, as the source is, it is not true that the likes no longer matter or will matter. As they stand out, these interactions will still help gauge the relevance of the content shared with the target audience. They will also continue to be a factor in assessing engagement because with them it is that the algorithm determines how well positioned your content appears in the newsfeed. Finally, it is contemplated that they continue to be a good basis for retargeting campaigns, so the fact that they may no longer be visible does not mean that they no longer matter.

  • Stories do not serve to sell

The popularity of the stories format on Instagram is undeniable, however, there are those who think that they are only effective for actions such as the development of brand awareness, for them generating sales is impossible to achieve and that is the second of the myths of Instagram marketing that should be discarded.

As you know, verified accounts, as well as those with more than 10,000 followers, have the option of placing calls to action, which users can click to go to another space outside the app and learn more about a product or to make a purchase.

To boost this aspect, Instagram has ads in the stories from which products can be linked to generate sales and also now has the shopping tag within this space. So brands can label products in the content they share so that users click and learn more or go to a site from which they can buy.

As the source details, these tags on Instagram have proved to be a great help in generating sales.

  • The count of followers is the most important

In the middle of 2020, many brands still have the idea that having a huge following is the approach they should take when it comes to Instagram marketing. This approach may be useful for influencers, but when it comes to brands it should not be such an important priority.

The above does not mean that the number of followers does not matter, it is obvious that the more people follow you the greater the reach and this is an important asset, it can even be a reflection of the interest that exists in the account or in the brand, to The pair act as a form of social proof.

However, even with the above, the engagement rate is the most important metric to take into account within Instagram. This metric tells you how many followers are really hooked on the content, and Instagram uses it to evaluate the content and where it will be placed inside the newsfeed. Given this same aspect, it is not recommended to resort to buying followers. With a good engagement rate you can experience organic growth as the popularity of the content grows.

  • The algorithm destroy the business marketing potential

For many brands, marketers and businesses, there is a fear that Instagram will experience the same fate as Facebook and significantly reduce its organic reach for companies. However, so far, the social network has been fairly fair with personal accounts, business accounts and account creators.

The social network itself has declared that for them the important thing is are the accounts with which users participate more, the status of these accounts is irrelevant. However, there is always the possibility that things change.

However, brands must take advantage of the fact that this space is still the most pleasant for users to interact with brands.

  • The less hashtags the better

The issue with hashtags for marketing on Instagram has always been complicated, there are those who say that they should take advantage of as much as possible to improve visibility while others point out that the less the better the results will be used.