35 paid apps temporarily become free

From time to time Google surprises us with paid applications, which become free for a limited time. On this occasion, we have 35 apps that are normally paid that become temporarily free and, how could it be otherwise, we will tell you what they are.

It is a list where we have applications such as LED Scroll Pro or Kosmos, games like River Legends or Meteorfall and icon packs like Earth 3D Live Wallpaper.

But let's leave preambles and we will discover what applications, games and other utilities we have for free, in addition to knowing how long we have this offer in force.

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Free apps

We begin this list with the applications that have become free for a limited time. In some cases we will save more than 2, in case we consider it a good time to take advantage of this gratuity presented to us from the Play Store.

  1. Boundo: System Tool Set : free for 6 days and then cost 1.09.
  2. Star Rover – Stargazing Guide : The offer expires in 6 days, then its cost is 2.09.
  3. LED Scroll Pro : in 2 days return to its original price of 0.99.
  4. Fake GPS Location PRO : 2.09 is its original price, but for 3 days it is free.

  1. Augustro Music Player : for the next 7 days it is free and then cost 2.59.
  2. Kosmos – Work Time Tracker, Job Timesheet : An application that normally costs 2.49, now free for 4 days.
  3. Nature Sound Simulator : It cost 0.59 and now being free for 1 day.
  4. Your Voice Calculator Pro (Christmas Offer) : It has a normal cost of 0.59, although for 4 days it is free.
  5. Secret letter pro : It's free for 5 days and then it costs 0.59.
  6. Little Magnet BT Pro : 2 days and worth 1,19.
  7. Spacewatch – A Solar System Explorer : before it is worth 0.59 and for 2 days it is free.
  8. Cleaner by Augustro : now free for 7 days, if not its price is 2.69.
  9. RAM & Game Booster by Augustro : The cost is usually 2.69, although now it is free for 7 days.

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Free games

We also have a good list of games that are free, for a certain time. We must not miss the opportunity to have some of these games on our Android mobile, since there are titles of much interest in this list, which will provide us with fun for hours.

  1. Project Alnilam : game that normally 1, is now free for 2 days.
  2. ToaZZle : It is normally worth 1.99 and is now free for 3 days.

  1. Jumpies 3 : the next 4 days is free and then its cost is again 0.99.
  2. Ruby Square: logical puzzle game (700 levels) : free for 4 days and then cost 0.89.
  3. Superhero War Premium: Robot Fight – Action RPG : is at 2.09, although free for the next 6 days.
  4. Cartoon Dungeon VIP: Age of cartoon : 0.99 is normally valid, although it is free for 7 days.
  5. Stone of souls : Normally it is worth 0.59 and now, for 4 days, it is free for download.
  6. Frontier Wars: Defense Heroes – Tactical TD Game : 5 days and return to costs 2.09.
  7. IQ Test – Premium IQ Test : 5 days free to then cost 2.19.
  8. Riddle Me 2019 – A Riddles game : Its normal cost is 0.79, but now it is free for 5 days.
  9. Cannon Master VIP : after 6 days it costs 0.89 again.
  10. Sword Knights: Idle RPG (Premium) : It is free for the next 6 days.

  1. Superhero Fruit 2 Premium: Robot Fighting : 6 days free and then cost 2.09.
  2. Cytus II : It is normal to pay 1.99 for this game, but for 6 days it is free.
  3. Mystic Guardian VIP: Old School Action RPG : Its normal cost is 3.69 but for the next 6 days it is free.
  4. Hunter Rush Premium : Now free for 7 days, then 0.99.
  5. Stories: Escape from Paradise : It is usually worth 1.19, but it is free for download for 7 days.

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Free icon and customization apps

One of the features of Android is its customization capacity, something that attracts many people, since being able to vary from time to time the internal aspect of our smartphone, is extremely attractive and fun.

Well, we also have applications of this type, free for a limited time, to download from the Play Store, and thus give a more personal touch to our Android device.

  1. Rapid Launcher XP : during one day it will be free and there will be no cost to pay 3.19.
  2. Planets Live Wallpaper Plus : its value is 0.99 but now it is free for 3 days.
  3. Launcher XP – Android Launcher : before 0.99 now, for 1 day, free.

  1. Pocket PC : Free for 1 day saving 1.49 which is normally worth.
  2. Earth 3D Live Wallpaper : for 6 days there will be no need to pay the 0.59 that is normally worth.

With all that we have told you, you will have a wide variety of applications and games on your Android phone and without costing a single euro.