trucos galaxy a40 2020 app

12 tricks of the Samsung Galaxy A40 that you probably don't know

tricks galaxy a40 2020 app

The Galaxy A40 is the star terminal of the South Korean firm along with the Galaxy A50 and the Galaxy A70. Just a few weeks before the Galaxy A41 makes an appearance in the company's catalog, the truth is that the device remains one of Samsung's most complete phones. Part of the blame is due to the number of functions that Samsung One UI integrates, the customization layer that sits on top of Android. On this occasion we have compiled several of the best tricks of the Samsung Galaxy A40 to get the most out of the mobile.

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Take care of the Galaxy A40 battery by deactivating the fast chargeSave battery by activating the One UI dark modeUse Bixby routines to automate actionsSmall hands? Reduce the virtual screen sizeAR Emoji: transform your face into an emoticon with movementTake photos with your voice without touching the phoneImprove the performance of the Samsung Galaxy A40 with this trickAlways On Display: customize your look with third-party masksConnect the Galaxy A40 to a TV or monitor and duplicate its screenTurn the Samsung Galaxy A40 into an external batteryCreate a GIF or collage with the photographs of the Galaxy A40Hide the applications on the Samsung Galaxy A40

Take care of the Galaxy A40 battery by deactivating the fast charge

Although Samsung's mid-range is compatible with the fast charging incorporated in the charger, the truth is that from we advise against its use. These types of systems generate a Long-term battery degradation much greater than the standard charge.

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To deactivate it, simply go to the Maintenance section of the device in Settings. Once inside, we will press on Battery and finally on the flange Fast charging with cable as long as the charging cable is disconnected.

Save battery by activating the One UI dark mode

Another trick to take care of the phone battery is to make use of the dark mode of the system. By having a screen with Super AMOLED technology, the images shown on the screen in black turn off the pixels partially to improve the energy efficiency of the panel, unlike LCD panels with IPS technology.

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Activating this mode is as simple as going to the Screen section in Settings. Then click on Dark Mode and finally on the option with the same name. Within this section we can program its activation within a certain time or adjust the colors to the wallpapers.

Use Bixby routines to automate actions

Bixby Routines (Bixby Routines in Spanish) is a native One UI application that allows us to create an automated action based on the conditions we assign to the application. Actions such as activate Do not disturb mode when night comes, activate WiFi when we open YouTube or download when we open Twitter or Facebook.

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Some of the routines that Samsung creates by default.

To make use of this application we will have to leave up to Advanced Functions within Settings; specifically in Routines. Although the application has a good number of routines created by default, we can create our own automations by clicking on the + button.

Small hands? Reduce the virtual screen size

If the Samsung Galaxy A40 stands out for something, it is precisely because of its screen, or rather, because of the size of its screen. With almost 6 inches, the phone can be a nuisance for those users with a small hand size.

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