What equipment do we use in Andro4all (Edition 2020)

What equipment do we use in Andro4all (Edition 2020)

Featured Connecting 39

Have you not heard yet? Well, today is Thursday and like every Thursday, play a new episode of Connecting, the Android podcast in Spanish where Carlos Rubio, Nacho Castan and Miguel Paredes analyze the latest technological news, smartphones of the moment and the best applications.

Last week we talked about the main subscription services such as Netflix, HBO or Disney + and how we are at a time when to use any service or platform, you have to pay monthly. However in the episode we will deal with a somewhat more personal issue and that is that we will reveal the equipment we use in our day to day and if using Apple products prevents you from loving Android devices.

Meet the equipment we use in Connecting episode 39


This Thursday's episode is practically a talk of friends who enjoy the same passion: technology. First we will talk about the devices we use to work, from our main smartphone, our computer or other products and accessories that we love.

On the other hand we will deal with a very hot topic and that it really seems nonsense. The fact that if you use an iPhone you cannot speak with Android property and vice versa.

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