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Twitter CEO dismisses the idea of ​​being able to edit tweets

An adjustment that many will want to have on their Twitter profile is the possibility of edit tweets. Although he has always been speculated about his possible arrival, Twitter CEO himself has ruled it out completely, which means that never exist this option.

It is something very demanded in recent years, but the truth is that it is never available. In other social networks I know that this possibility exists. For example, on Facebook you can edit posts, but the changes made are saved and you always have access to the original message, while on Instagram it can also be made.

On Twitter it is not possible to edit tweets, the only option you have is delete the tweet you have published and publish it again, but by then someone probably saw it and took a screenshot, something they do a lot to public characters.

Maintain the essence of the principle

What the CEO of Twitter seeks with this decision is to maintain the social network with the operation for which it was created, as it has always been from the beginning in this regard. Therefore, implement the possibility to edit tweets It goes against the philosophy of the social network.

That possibility does not exist at the moment as commented in an interview for WIRED, but you never know if changing your mind and in the distant future is implemented, although it is something quite unlikely.

Having the Twitter CEO so clear his position on this issue, there are only two options left, be more careful when posting a tweet reviewing its content well or in case of error be as fast as possible to remove it from the social network.

If you take a long time you risk that anyone can make use of tools to recover deleted tweets, something that you probably do not like if you are a politician, a public character or your account Twitter It is relevant and you have many followers.

Twitter allow only the accounts you follow to respond to your tweet