AirPods Pro

There is a secret menu for AirPods Pro with which to adjust more options

AirPods Pro

The AirPods have been a real success since Apple introduced them more than 3 years ago. Since its launch Apple has included a menu of options within the iPhone from which to edit certain aspects, a menu that is also available in the latest AirPods Pro.

It is very likely that you know this menu of settings available in Settings> Bluetooth> AirPods and by clicking on the “i” that appears inside a blue circle, that is, AirPods should be connected to your iPhone or iPad. However, there are some other AirPods Pro settings that can be changed from another hidden menu not so well known

Discover the hidden menu of the AirPods Pro

As it happens in the main menu of configuration of the AirPods, to access and configure correctly the options of this hidden menu, AirPods Pro should be connected to your device, be it an iPhone or an iPad. To access this menu follow these steps:

  • We open the application Settings with the AirPods Pro connected.
  • We enter the section Accessibility.
  • You will find a new option called Airpods inside, press on it an enter this secret menu.

AirPods Pro

In this new menu we will find special settings for AirPods Pro that cannot be configured from another place, these are the options we find:

  • Option for adjust the speed and duration of AirPods Pro gestures, you can configure how much time you have to press and hold the AirPod to switch between the different noise cancellation modes or the transparency mode.
  • In the same way you can also adjust pressure speed What should you do to change songs?
  • The last option is the ability to enable active noise cancellation on a single AirPod instead of both.

These are very interesting options that can be very useful if you have the AirPods Pro, this menu is not very known and allow you expand the functions of your headphones.