The five biggest challenges of applying AI in social networks

The five biggest challenges of applying AI in social networks

  • You can also use AI in social networks to create content on these platforms

  • There are projects that specialize in measuring and preventing the possible risks that brands may face

  • Thanks to the development of economies of scale in this sector, its use is more common among all types of brands

Both Artificial Intelligence (AI) and social networks have become tools widely used by marketing experts. The first technology is widely used by leading programmatic advertising leaders in the world. They have even been created whole campaigns using only these algorithms. On the other hand, platforms like Facebook and Instagram are perfect for content distribution and to connect with the audience.

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Of course, there are also opportunities to combine both systems. According Marketing AI Institute, facilitates community management and how they are obtained insights of the public. At once, The next scoop notes that it can be used in customer service tasks, through chatbots. In an interview with Merca 2.0, Valdir Ugalde, Head of corporate intelligence of Coca-Cola Media House, points out that this mix between social networks and AI has important challenges:

Be very clear about the objective of AI

As in other technologies and innovations, the Coca-Cola Media House expert says that many companies only implement this technology in social networks per trend. That is to say, it does not have a specific goal in mind when executing the strategy. This in turn causes an adequate return on investment. Note that, when it comes to these systems, they should always cover or improve a specific business need.

Improve access to these social media tools

According to Ugalde, there is still a problem of access to AI technology. That is, it is not always easy for businesses to find these platforms and implement them as part of their marketing strategies. This is because, at least in Mexico, there is not always a good project implementation. Likewise, sometimes there is no market as well developed as it is in other spearhead countries, such as the United States (USA).

Suppliers best suited to AI needs

As there are times that the same companies still do not know how to best implement these tools in social networks, there are also often failures of the other extreme. According to the Head of corporate intelligence, there are many suppliers that have not been able to adapt to the needs of client companies. And in this sense, they also do not present the most appropriate solutions for the specific problems and needs of their operations.

Optimization in social media purchase

Ugalde says that one of the elements that will be more important in 2020 on the implementation of AI in social networks is optimization. He points out that both in Mexico and in the rest of the world there is great economic uncertainty. So brands are going to be more interested in making their investment as optimal as possible. Artificial Intelligence, in that case, will have to be perfectly designed to meet these expectations.

Better understand the concept of AI

Finally, the Coca-Cola Media House expert points out this challenge as one that has slowly been left behind. However, he believes that there is still much to do. Not only for people and brands to fully understand what this concept means. But also how it can be implemented within the social network environment for the benefit of your business. In this sense, he reaffirms, it is the obligation of experts to become much more technological.

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