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The dark mode of Facebook begins to reach some users

Dark Facebook

The last available beta of WhatsApp, beta that was launched yesterday, already activate dark mode In all those users who are part of the beta program or download the corresponding version from APK Mirror, a very simple process that you can read in an article we publish.

The next application you could receive, sooner rather than later, the dark mode is Facebook, a dark mode that has been available for a long time in the Messenger messaging application. As some users claim, dark mode has begun to appear and subsequently disappear from the application.

dark mode facebook

A couple of months ago a Reddit post mentioned a temporary appearance of the dark mode in the Facebook application. Facebook have been working on implementing the dark mode for several months, but just like WhatsApp He is taking it easy, very calmly.

As we can see the captures of the dark mode of Facebook that we attach in this article, once again and like the dark mode of WhatsApp, Twitter and all Google applications, dark mode replaces white background with dark gray, no black, so users with an OLED screen can not benefit from one of the advantages offered by this technology, technology that only uses pixels that show a color other than black.

These captures allow us to get an idea of what the dark mode will look like, a dark mode that everything seems to indicate that it is already in the application code and that when activated it will be done through the servers, not through an update as if it would be the case of WhatsApp. Regarding the release date of this new mode, knowing Facebook, the same is a week that is a year.