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The color navy blue may replace the Green Night on the iPhone 12 Pro

iPhone 12 pro blue

Last year Apple surprised us all with a new color for the iPhone range that nobody expected, the green night of the iPhone 11 Pro. a different color that we haven't seen until now in the range of Apple devices, or practically in any other smartphone, which however could have the days counted despite being one of the most popular.

A new rumor reports that Apple may replace this color in the iPhone 12 Pro range this year with a new dark blue hue. If so, it will be the third consecutive year in which Apple changes the colors of its high-end iPhone, the iPhone X was available in Silver and Space Gray, the iPhone XS added the color Gold and this year the Green Night arrived.

iPhone 12 blue

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An iPhone 12 Pro blue and not green

Max Weinbach of XDA Developers, through EverythingApplePro, states that Apple will present a new color option in its “iPhone 12 Pro” this fall, for the first time in history we will see a dark blue iPhone, or Navy blue as he calls it. This is expected to be the only new color that Apple introduces, but Weinbach remarks that The Navy Blue replace the Night Green model, so again we will have four color options to choose from.

As well comment from EverythingAppleProWeinbach does not have "the best record" in terms of Apple leaks, although s predicted precisely that the iPhone 11 arrived in a completely new color. We will have to wait to see if it ends up fulfilling this prediction, although to imagine it better we can see the video they have prepared since EverythingApplePro.

Rumors about the new iPhone 12 are becoming more common, we know that Apple present up to 4 devices in new screen sizes and that its design could be similar to that of the iPhone 4. The 5G be one of the key features of these devices, in addition to their 4 OLED panels.