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The best rugged phones of 2020

The design is not laughed with robustness, as these show smartphones resistant designed for users who usually work outdoors or in adverse conditions when using the mobile phone.

Although the latest generation phones are manufactured with more advanced levels of protection and waterproofing, in addition to using technologies such as Gorilla Glass 5 on their screens, their larger dimensions make them much more vulnerable.

In this way, extreme sports enthusiasts, outdoor workers or simply somewhat clumsy users with mobiles, can find the solution to their problems in this type of device.

And is that buying a mobile phone of this type no longer implies having to do without advanced functions, with all the advantages of having fast processors, advanced camera sensors and extras such as wireless charging.

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What to look for in a rugged phone

If you are looking for a rugged phone, you may not be sure what specifications to look for. For starters, the most obvious is waterproofing and water resistance certification, something most commonly met by models. premium.

All the phones we have compared here have an IP68 rating, which means they can survive in water dives up to one meter deep for 30 minutes.

The IP acronym defines the degree of protection according to the international standard, which is used to define the effectiveness of the devices when it comes to contact with water and dust.

The first number refers to how the device is sealed against solid particles such as dust; The highest you can find is '6', which means total protection. For its part, the second digit is for protection against liquids (usually water) and the best thing to do is '8'.

A waterproof phone will use a rubber cap to protect its ports, which would otherwise allow water access to its internal parts, or waterproof the port itself. The latter is much more convenient because it is less complicated when charging the phone.

The next aspect is the phone design. It is likely that you will find a raised edge on the top surface of the phone to protect it when it is dropped upside down, but sharp stones and pointed corners can still cause damage.

Therefore, want something resistant to protect the screen glass, ideally Gorilla Glass 5, but depending on your budget, you can find lower levels like Gorilla Glass 3 in order to save something in this section.

Keep in mind that the bezels on a sturdy phone will be larger than on a standard phone, because most damage occurs at the edges. Larger bezels mean that you can still use the screen even with a crack in the edge.

The phone itself will also be larger and heavier than most phones, with a more powerful battery inside that will not leave you lying in case of an emergency. Also a resistant rubber outer shell protects it against drops and bumps.