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The best new phones that will arrive in 2020

If you are thinking of buying a new one smartphone, you may want to wait a little longer, as new models such as Huawei, Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, Nokia or LG (among others) that will be announced in the next 12 months are coming.

Two of the new trends are 5G connectivity and folding designs. It's also not something you really need to worry about right now, since 5G is not yet available on all phone operators, and foldable phones still seem too futuristic.

Today's best phones combine the best performance with long battery life, high resolution full-screen displays, excellent photographic capabilities (from a triple or even four-lens assembly) and decent sound quality.

At this time, the preferred processor is the Snapdragon 855, while the Snapdragon 865 is expected in the first quarter of 2020. Apple, Huawei and Samsung will continue to develop their own alternatives, but with similar levels of performance.

Android 10 Q and iOS 13 will go on sale in the coming months, so any new phone you buy at the end of 2009 or in 2020 should run one of these operating systems from the start.

The best smartphones in 2020

We have listed the smartphones high-end expected to arrive in 2020 of the largest mobile phone manufacturers in the world.

Although the release dates of some of these phones are not yet confirmed, we have tried to keep things in an approximate order, so you have a good idea of ​​how much time to wait to update.

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Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 + & S20 Ultra

The first major launch of smartphones A few weeks later: Samsung will present its new high-end at a special press conference e before the CMM on February 11.

With three versions of the Galaxy S20 (yes, you have read it well, it will not be the Galaxy S11), it is likely that Samsung will also know a new version of the Samsung Galaxy Fold in the Galaxy Z Flip (we talk about this below) .

All eyes will be on that Ultra model, which is new online. If the rumors are true, and usually they are when it comes to Samsung, include a 120Hz screen and a 108Mp sensor as one of the four lenses in its new primary camera that seems to emulate a domain token.

The inclusion of a Snapdragon 865 (or Exynos 990) is exciting not only because it increases performance and efficiency, but because it is sold only with the X55 modem. Ergo, 5G for everyone.

Oppo Find X2 & X2 Pro

Oppo will make an appearance on February 22 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to present the new Find X2 and X2 Pro.